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This post is an absolute joy to write as it combines 2 of our favorite subjects, highlighting inspiration and celebrating & supporting Women in Lighting there are way too many talented women in the industry that inspire us so apologies straight off the bat if you are not mentioned, this is an oversight with no slight intended.
Sharon Stammers Co-Founder of Light Collective and the Women in Lighting Movement, hugely talented lighting designer, someone who is also a light activist who shows us many new and exciting ways to showcase light, and someone who supports everyone in lighting. Our hero.
Jess Gallacher of The ILP is knowledge, kindness, and support rolled up into one, I don’t think we have ever seen Jess without a smile on her face.
Karen Owens BA(Hons)DipARCH founder of the Corner Crew kept us all sane during the pandemic, generally too busy helping others to realize her own talents and how much she is loved & admired by the industry.
Martina Frattura friend and collaborator, lighting designer, researcher, and a bundle of energy and enthusiasm, Martina is inspiring & infectious.
Katia Kolovea Founder of Archifos, Founder of the hugely inspiring Silhouette Awards, and Founder of the Lighting Police, is hugely involved in the WIL movement. We do Katia an injustice by mentioning her in this post, she should have her own page!
Florence Lam CEng FIET FCIBSE FSLL International Lighting Head at Arup, when she speaks the whole industry listens, incredibly talented lighting designer & researcher, an inspiration to us all.
Surbhi Jindal is a new up-and-coming lighting designer, Ambassador for WIL in India, but she is making a huge impression on us already, this lady is a talent with a huge heart & a soul, definitely, one to watch.
Karen Cawley some have the opinion that a manufacturer should not make this list and they would be WRONG. Karen who works for Osram is often the glue that holds a project together, she has so much respect among the whole lighting industry and is here on merit. We love her, she is sunshine.
Lara Elbaz is just so nice, has such a talent, and is someone who has so much humility and goes quietly about her business, she lets her projects do the talking.
Kelly Smith who we’ve got to know recently and who has inspired us from the get-go, a very interesting lady in the male-dominated lighting engineering field who just shines.
This post would be amiss if we did not mention the wonderful Liz Peck who we lost last year, Liz is sorely missed, was inspiration personified & would have walked this list.
EVE GAUT, BA (HONS), MA, CIPR Juliette Nielsen Juliet Rennie Sarah Cullen Dr Shelley James Martina Alagna Sophie O’Rourke Aviva Gunzburg Giulia Brighi Melissa Mak Lorraine Calcott IEng MILP IALD MSLL Ruth Kelly Waskett PhD CEng MCIBSE FSLL Kael Gillam Martin Lupton Amardeep M. Dugar Zubair Ahmed Marcus Steffen Matt Waring Giorgia Brusemini Regina Santos, MSLL, MIES Louise Denton
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Space And

Space And

Situated in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, designed by Tri-Orange Design the

Corinthia Hotel by LDI

Corinthia Hotel by LDI

LDI’s design intent for the exterior lighting of the Corinthia Hotel was

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