Panos Ioannidis

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I am Panos Ioannidis and based in Athens Greece but a global Citizen 1995 when I finish my University studies I was lucky enough my Wise brother Dimitris was starting a business in something so new and so exciting for me Architectural Lighting. We were lucky enough but also very competitive and innovative to see our small company became leader in Greek Market and to be involved in any major project as Acropolis museum and Stavros Niarchos foundation just as example. We worked with the best Architects and Designers trying always to deliver a lighting scheme better that what we promise. After few very difficult years with Economic Crisis here in Greece I found myself to Middle East in 2014. During Pandemic I start my own Lighting Design Mag, an Instagram - Linkedin page dedicated to the best Lighting Designer from all over the world. I just collect and post the best Projects I can discover and 75% of them are Facade Projects with at the most of the time a Dynamic Scheme.